Machine Learning

Machine learning and Deep learning

Finding meaningful information from data

  • Minseok Kim (박사 5학기)
  • Justin Hong (박사 1학기)
  • Jinuk Park (박사 1학기)
  • Minsoo Cho (석사 4학기)
  • Chanhee Park (석사 3학기)
  • Jieun Lee (석사 1학기)

NLP Detail


Database System

Big data platform

High performance database system for modern storage devices

Key-Value Database system

  • Mincheol Shin (박사 9학기)
  • Won Gi Choi (박사 7학기)
  • Hanseung Sung (박사 1학기)
  • Jihwan Lee (석사 4학기)
  • Doyoung Kim (석사 3학기)

ADDB Detail



Understanding complex biological systems

Integrating diverse biological data

Efficient processing of large biological data

  • JiHwan Ha (박사 4학기)
  • Jonghwan Choi (박사 1학기)

GENAX Detail